Flowers photo gallery

The flower photo gallery below shows flowers we have growing in our garden and some from inside our home. We both enjoy watching hummingbirds that visit us each year so we plant a lot of flowers that attract both hummingbirds and butterflies. Flowers in our garden as well as in planters on our deck have included agastache, bee balm, butterfly bushes, canna, cardinal flower, chrysanthemum, coneflowers, cora bells, coreopsis, cosmos, dahlias, dianthus, fuchsia, geraniums, hollyhocks, honeysuckle, lantana, liatris, penstemon, petunias, phlox, Russian sage, salvia, scabiosa, verbena, zinnia and others. We've also included some photos of orchids and other flowers in our home and some wildflower photos we've taken on our walks. You can see more flower photos at one of our other web sites, Purplebear's Purple Flowers and Plants You can click any of these photos below if you'd like to see a larger version.