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Thank you for taking the time to visit Purplebear's Photography. Here you'll find a collection of photo galleries that contain our photographs. 'Our Story' tells the reasons we made this web site. My husband will tell you he is at best an enthusiastic amateur photographer. This web site is an extension of his enthusiasm for photography.

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Ruby-throated hummingbird Canna Deer

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Catbird Butterfly on purple flower Moon

Our story

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About 20 years ago I taught myself html to learn how to build simple web sites, hoping to earn some extra money with affiliate programs. This is how the photography part of our story got started. My husband bought a point and shoot camera to take the photos we needed for the web site work. About 6 years later he bought a DSLR camera to try to improve the quality of the photos and he's been hooked on photography ever since.

We built this web site as a place to share his photos and to try to make some extra money through affiliate work. My husband realizes he is still very much a novice photographer, but he's trying to make our photos better. Thanks for visiting and hope you enjoy looking around our site. Any comments are definitely welcome.

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